Based on a substantial body of research showing its low cost and effectiveness at increasing productivity, creative thinking, and health outcomes, meditation and yoga are now routinely used by leading businesses across the tech, insurance, finance, and medical industries. 

At the CBR Project, we believe these same benefits can directly impact the mental health crisis among humanitarian aid workers and create a more resilient workforce for the industry. 

In the long term, the CBR Project will continue to build a base of evidence showing that investment in staff well-being will lower costs and ultimately improve the quality of humanitarian aid programs by enhancing the decision-making capabilities of staff and increasing the retention of experienced, passionate staff.

Other major corporations and organizations are have also reported seeing increased staff happiness, performance, and retention, and decreased insurance and operational costs after incoporating mindfulness into thier staff care programs. 

Harvard Business Review: Why Google, Target and General Mills are investing in Mindfulness