“The most significant thing I learned from this training is how much I missed and needed this sense of community and connection. I really do think the isolating/lonely aspects of this line of work are the most difficult and draining parts of it for me. There is simply no room to stand and say ‘I’m overwhelmed and need a break’ during an emergency. And it’s always an emergency.”
— Current Aid Worker and CBR Project Alumni

Since 2013, the CBR Project has run its signature programs in North America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.  

Our faculty have trained hundreds of aid workers, thereby improving the lives of thousands of refugees and other beneficiaries under their care. We work with both national and international staff, and with participants at all levels of organizations from the most senior leadership to field staff and drivers. We have also worked with human rights defenders and journalists who work unde similar conditions in the same theaters of war and natural disaster. 

“A truly inspiring training, you meet people every day for years and nothing changes, while sometimes you meet people for one day and they give you your life back.”
— Rana Nemeh, Norwegian Refugee Committee - One Day Workshop Participant, 2018

Trainings can be tailored to individual agencies, but are generally run as open trainings to provide aid workers the opportunity to discuss their experiences freely. 

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