Supporting Humanitarian Aid Workers

The CBR Project helps humanitarian relief workers to combat the physical and psychological effects of the chronic stress they experience in conflict zones and natural disaster situations.  We provide knowledge, tools and peer support through immersive group training sessions, and through our CBR Mobile App which provides support for those isolated in the field. 

The CBR Project approach was designed by experts in trauma and mindful movement, psychologists from Doctors Without Borders and world-renowned teachers of mindfulness and meditation. The training programs integrate three tools - psychological education, meditation and yoga - to achieve the ABC of increased resilience: awareness, balance and connection.

Support Before, During and AFter Deployment

Individual humanitarian aid organizations have made good-faith efforts to improve staff well-being, but those in-house programs cannot achieve the economies of scale required to change the industry through significant investment in research, training programs and technology.

Critically, individual relief organizations’ staff well-being programs can only benefit current staff. As a result, new arrivals are insufficiently prepared for deployment and former staff receive no support after their contracts end—a time when relief workers often experience the worst effects of the stress they have endured.

The CBR Project can provide support to relief workers before, during and after deployment, even if staff move between organizations or take a break from full-time relief work.